Chuck Close

The Chuck Close catalogue raisonné is the definitive list of paintings by Chuck Close, and is updated regularly to include his most recent works. Monumental in scale and exhaustive in detail, the catalogue is the most comprehensive and interactive publication about the artist to date. It documents the artist’s process, biography, and the myriad approaches he has innovated in rendering the human face. Forthcoming volumes will supplement the existing catalogue with complete records of the artist’s drawings and photo maquettes, plus a career-spanning selection of prints.

Each artwork record includes complete provenance, exhibition, and literature histories, excerpts from relevant published texts, and numerous illustrations including progress and exhibition photographs. Close’s only film, the 1970 Slow Pan for Bob, can be viewed in its entirety. The catalogue includes nearly 1,200 images, more than 100 quotations from the artist, and extensive exhibition and literature histories documenting some 1,200 solo and group shows and 2,500 publications. The growing multimedia archive includes 70 video and audio files to date. Editor Carina Evangelista has enriched the catalogue with original scholarship, including three essays, one of which describes the artist’s landmark 1969 lawsuit, which contributed to freedom of expression through the visual arts.

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Additional Information

This publication is an ever-evolving project, and we would welcome any additional, relevant information that you might have. In future years, we intend to expand this publication to include a wider selection of early works and works in other mediums: maquettes, drawings, photographs, prints, and tapestries. We welcome information and additional photography relating to works that you see in this catalogue, as well as others.  

We encourage current and previous owners to contact the editor.

For information on the submission process, please contact:

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The Chuck Close Catalogue Raisonné maintains strict confidentiality of collector contact information and respects requests for privacy and anonymity.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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